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Halloween Food Pinspiration

30 Oct

If you didn’t know (where have you been?) it’s Halloween tomorrow, and as it falls on a Friday you have a whole weekend to celebrate one of the most fun holidays of the year. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some fun Halloween-inspired recipes so you don’t have to. So why not take a crack at making some of these fabulous recipes at home to fuel your horror movie marathons – everyone does that right? It’s not just me, surely…

Click on the titles to go to the recipes. Enjoy!

Alien Chest-Buster Macaron



Shattered Glass Cupcakes 


Cream Cheese Brain Dip


Monster Donuts

Monster donuts

Witches Fingers

Witches Fingers

Spooky Spaghetti

spooky spaghetti

Cheese Broom Sticks

heese Broom Sticks

And Finally…..


Weekly Viral Vaccine 15-10

15 Oct

After a week relaxing, snorkeling and tanning on the lovely islands of Malta, I’m back to bring you closer to some of the funny, entertaining and odd things on the web.


1) The Walking Dead pancakes (this is incredible!)


2) The 15 best closing songs in films – can’t forget this one…


3) Epic GoPro bridge ride (rather him than me!)


4) A Plant-Blood Veggie burger? Yep, you read me correctly!

plant blood veggie burger


5) Paintings from Plane windows – I simply love this, and am amazed that noone had thought about it before…

plane window

6) Baffling foreign versions of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune – the Polish one has to be the best!


7) Obama of the future found on the New York Subway



8) Space cats is well worth a follow on Twitter – just a couple of gleaming examples below as to why

space cats3

space cats2

space cats1


Girl vs Food Klaxon: The Wurst Is Yet To Come…

14 Sep

It’s been a while since I posted anything Girl vs Food related (mainly due to the expanding waistline it brought with it), but it is my pleasure to announce that Herman Ze German will be opening a new venue in Fitzrovia very soon (hooray!) – with a pun like that as their placeholder, I can tell it’s going to be popular.


To celebrate, and to stave off hunger while wurst-lovers wait until it’s open, I’ve brought along a lovely hotdog infographic to whet your appetites…


Girl vs Food: Chocolate Edition

7 Oct

On Thursday I was lucky enough to go along to the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington for a ‘Chocolate Extravanganza Meal’ with my AMV Pulse team to celebrate National Chocolate Week (8th – 14th October).

The evening consisted of a welcome chocolate cocktail (or Chocktail – like it!) before a chocolate demonstration involving: how to temper chocolate, how to make your own Easter Eggs, truffle-making and chocolate decoration tips, followed by a tasting session.

After that we were seated in the dining room for an almighty meal consisting of four different desserts (containing different types of chocolate, varying in sweetness), all washed down with two delicious cocktails.

ImageOur amazing Chocktails containing: Creme de Cacao, White Rum, Cherry Brandy, Chocolate and Milk.

ImageOne of the fabulous displays of intricate chocolate decorations – some of which were made during the demonstration.

ImageFirst batch of tasting: three different types of chocolate, varying in sweetness and percentage. White was the winner for me!


Some of the chocolates made each day by the hotel. From left to right: milk chocolate truffle, dark chocolate with cherry fondant, milk chocolate with caramel, white chocolate truffle.


Chef demonstrating how to temper chocolate properly, on a marble surface.

ImageTruffle making demonstration.

ImageThe menu – I’ve never seen so much chocolate in one place…

ImagePaul and Naomi from team Pulse – we’re never far away from our phones or Twitter…


Dark chocolate cake with hazelnut flake and orange mascarpone.

ImageWhite chocolate and coffee tart with marbled chocolate ice cream.

ImageMilk chocolate parfait with rasberry and chocolate macaroon.

ImageHot chocolate pot with warm cherry bakewell.

ImageGreen Woodpecker.


September special cocktail – can’t remember the name of it, but it was already October!

Girl vs Food – ep. 1

9 Apr

I was recently introduced to the epic Man vs Food (thanks to my awesome friend Lauren) – a programme where each week, food lover Adam Richman travels the US to try out some of the biggest and best oversized restaurant specials in order to set new records and generally feel good about himself for clearing his plate, no matter how high it was piled to start off with. I know how he feels.

The main problem with watching his show on a regular basis (which seems to be on every day on Dave) is that it always makes me really hungry, despite the fact that he fails a lot of the challenges set and makes himself quite ill. Mind you, I knew I wasn’t quite right when I first watched Supersize Me – I’m pretty sure that was designed to put people off fast food (those that overdo it, anyway) but the first thing I did after it finished? Headed straight to McDonald’s!

This Adam Richman guy sure knows his stuff and you only have to watch him for 30 seconds to see how passionate he is about food. After moving down to London and being introduced to the delights of Meat Liquor, Bodean’s and the like, and then experiencing the incomparable barbecued meats of Texas, I realised that I am someone who definitely appreciates a good meal – as well as being curious when it comes to vast quanitites of food or giant portions. I don’t know what it is about it, but it just fascinates me. I can trace this back to my first and only (although I’m determined that’s not the end of it) attempt at making giant confectionary. Allow me to introduce my embarrassing internet debut on PIMP THAT SNACK:

Then came the Hellraiser marathon night at a friend’s place, where I ordered the biggest takeaway pizza available with all the toppings (to share with my fella). Here’s a picture of the beast (well, the box it came in) that is the Romino’s 18 inch Special (touted as ‘The biggest pizza in town!’):

We got through most of it (left around 3 slices I think), but man did I feel bad for not polishing it off.

Next up came the first, real Girl vs Food challenge. The occasion was Davo’s Birthday, the place? Ciao Bella in Bloomsbury, the food?

THE CALZONE CHALLENGE – sounds pretty standard right? Davo’s best mate, a regular at the restaurant dared me to order the Calzone, warning me that it would be bigger than my own head – looking at the price (which seemed very reasonable for something  that could possibly dwarf my head) I confidently ordered the tame sounding dish and didn’t think any more of it…

…That was, until it arrived


My face must have been a picture – never in my life had I seen anything quite so ridiculously huge for one person to eat. I was then very aware that everyone at the table was staring at this Italian monstrosity and then at me with very distinctive ‘there’s no way she’s going to eat all that!’ looks. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I quietened down, quickly planned a strategy in my head and set to work on the beast.

I was in the Cal-zone – I hardly spoke to anyone during the course of the meal; finishing this bad boy off was going to require all of my concentration. I knew the closer I got to finishing it, the more people were talking about it until the last few forkfuls inspired cheers and claps from the table to spur me on!

So surprised was the owner of the restaurant that someone of my size could finish such a huge dish (with no help whatsoever!) that my sheer determination was rewarded with an Easter Egg – how lovely!!

Amazingly, after all that I still had room for a Panna Cotta dessert! 🙂

Keep an eye out for my next Girl vs Food challenge and let me know if you have any suggestions! Also, if you’re near the Bloomsbury area, check out Ciao Bella, a lovely, family-run authentic Italian restaurant with great food – not all monstrously huge portions either! I’ll definitely be heading back there again.