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Something for the Weekend

7 Nov

This week has been a busy one – I’ve mostly been preparing for my trip to Glasgow for the MTV EMA Awards this weekend (which is very exciting), so didn’t have chance to post the Weekly Viral Vaccine. In it’s place I’ve put together a little ‘Something for the weekend’ – a couple of juicy links to keep you entertained when you’re on the bus or waiting for a friend at the pub.


  • Honda The Other Side – this incredible video allows you to switch between two stories with the click of the ‘R’ key. Beautifully (and meticulously) shot, it will have you watching again and again to see the different sides of the story.
  • The Motherlode of Deliciously Disturbing and Disgusting VHS Horror Art – naturally!
  • The John Lewis Christmas TV Ad Recut – the internet has been inundated with comments and tweets about Super-Agency Adam&Eve DDB’s newest heart-melting festive ad, but I always have more of a soft spot for the parodies – this one is winning by a country mile. Introducing The Babadook recut:
  • All the Best Fake Commercials from the Movies, in One Amazing Supercut – some of these are awesome!


Disney Villain inspired fashion at George at ASDA

16 Oct

Perhaps it is because Halloween is almost upon us (the only time when it is socially acceptable for you to dress like a ghoul and act like a child), or it might be because according to the retail world, we are now technically in ‘pre-holiday season’, either way George at ASDA have decided to celebrate by collaborating with Graduate Fashion Week to bring customers a collection of Disney Villain inspired dresses.


Starting with the first one, which is clearly inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The floral design on the tulip-cut skirt balances out the masculine collar of the top, adding a touch of femininity to the dress.

Graduate Fashion Week Floral Bottom Disney Villains Dress – £28

Disney villain floral bottom

evil queen



Next we have a Dalmation dress inspired by Cruella De Vil. A mix of smart casual styling and structure makes this a versatile dress that can be worn with boots and a scarf to a coffee date with friends, or dressed up with statement accessories and heels for a glam night on the town.

Graduate Fashion Week Belted Disney Villains Dress – £30




The final dress in the collection is inspired by the enigmatic Maleficent. This gothic, structured dress is perfect for a grown up Halloween party, and the high-neck and sheer sleeves are practical touch for those chilly Autumn nights.

Graduate Fashion Week Belted Disney Villains Dress – £28

black dress



So whether you’re looking for that perfect Halloween costume or are simply looking for a stylish nod to your favourite childhood characters, give these a whirl. At these reasonably prices, they’re sure to sell out quickly.

If dresses aren’t your thing, you could always go for a Bambi onesie!

Disney Bambi Onesie – £14



Christmas Gift For Him

27 Nov

Struggling for gift ideas for the men in your life? Here are just a few suggestions to make this Christmas extra special for him. If you think of anything else, in keeping with these gifts, that you think should be included, don’t forget to leave a comment.

Classic Leather Hip Flask – Aspinal of London, £40 (with free engraving)












Men’s Barbour Auckland Chunky Zip Through Lambswool Sweater, Barbour £164.95












Ted Baker Woollen Trapper Hat, House of Fraser £36 (was £45)














D&G Bifold Leather Wallet, ASOS £150










Mulberry Oak Travel Card Holder, Harrods £80










The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook, Urban Outfitters £9.99

Top 7 Horror Movies To Watch This Christmas!

26 Nov

Forget top 10 lists, it’s all about top 7s – Okay, I’m just saying that because I’m being particularly picky with this list and didn’t want to include any duds. So consider yourself lucky; I’ve only included the very best (IMO), of course if you disagree don’t forget to leave a comment!

Without further ado, in no particular order…


Saint (2010)

Hailing from the Netherlands, this modern Christmas Horror tale depicts Saint Nicholas as a murderous Bishop complete with a dangerous looking staff and almost permanently on a horse no less, whose creepy silhouette can be seen against the beautiful snowy backdrop on December 5th; The very same night he kidnaps and murders the bad kids. Thoroughly enjoyable, and one of my new favourite Christmas Horror films.


Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Perhaps the ultimate Christmas Slasher movie – After witnessing the gruesome murder of his parents (by a man in a Santa costume), traumatised Billy is taken into care and faces the wrath of the lunatic Mother Superior. Years later Billy gets a job as a store clerk and memories of his traumatic childhood come flooding back when his boss puts on a Santa costume at the work Christmas party, with devastating effects. On it’s initial release the film received a lot of criticism because the murders were being carried out by Santa Claus, or at least a deranged homicidal maniac dressing like him. I was first in line for the uncut Region 2 release which came out in 2009, and it remains one of my top slasher films to watch at Christmas/ New Year.


Black Christmas (1974)

Noted by some as the first Slasher movie (released four years before Halloween), Black Christmas starts in a similar way to When A Stranger Calls, with a prank phonecall. Set primarily in a Sorority house, one by one the college girls are picked off by a mysterious, almost Giallo-like killer. A tense and chilling movie with plenty of genre in-jokes, inventive deaths and John Saxon – What more could you want? A Final Destination of it’s time.











Black Christmas (2006)

Introducing the Hollywood remake, 32 years after the original was released. An altogether more glossy affair with unnaturally beautiful stars (go figure), and death scenes with more dramatic build up and pay off.  The film, in general,is lacking the heart of the original, that said, it’s still a fairly good effort and remains mostly faithful to the original script.


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

The first and best Finnish Christmas Horror movie, Rare Exports originally started life as a spoof short film made in 2003 about three hunters who are employed by Rare Exports Inc. to capture and tame the most dangerous creatures known to man ready for the festive season to work as Santas. Following the success of the short, the Director decided to turn it into a feature film. I won’t spoil it for you but there are some fantastic ideas executed here including a demonic horned creature and a stampede of naked Santas! A cult Christmas classic if ever I saw one.


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

One of many family favourites to watch at Christmas, Nightmare has it all: beautiful animation, great characters and fantastic songs. The story is centred around Jack Skellington, the King of Halloweentown, who accidentally stumbles upon Christmas Town but doesn’t understand it – We then follow his magical journey of discovery and try our hardest not to sing along to the impossibly catchy musical numbers. Ignore the PG rating, anything written by Tim Burton is horror.


Gremlins (1984)

Dark, festive chaos – That’s what we like to see! You’d be wrong if you think it’s a straight up family Christmas film, oh no, this is thinly veiled horror at it’s best, and works just as well outside of the Christmas period as the perfect hangover movie! Billy Peltzer has everything; a good job, a nice girl, and loving parents. When he receives an unusual pet as a Christmas gift from his folks, and breaks the rules about caring for it, all hell breaks loose. Gremlins has everything you could possibly want from a fun horror movie: tension, comedy, fantastic action sequences, awesome puppetry and some pretty gruesome methods of dispatching the little blighters too (hence the 15 rating). If you haven’t watched it yet this year, do so now.


….And a special mention goes to my favourite Festive Short: Treevenge – which can be seen in all it’s gory glory on Youtube (NSFW/ NSFC)

Top Fashion Buys This Winter: Splurge or Save?

7 Nov

With Christmas just 38 days away (is it too early to countdown?), it’s time to start saving for those presents. But just because you want to splurge on the family this year that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer, or your shopping habits.

I have scoured the online shops for some of this winter’s top fashion buys, providing a ‘Splurge’ option if you have the cash to spend, and a ‘Save’ option if you’d prefer a cheaper alternative and save your pennies for other Christmas buys.

The Polka Dot Dress


Sheer panel polka dot shift dress, £190 @KarenMillen


















Sasha Polka Dot Mesh Bodycon Dress, £25 @boohoofashion


















Leopard Print Trousers:


Tripp NYC Leopard print skinny trouser, £85 @ASOS















Rossa Leopard print leggings, £8.99 @missguided


















Hooded Scarf


Mantaray Fairisle Knit Hooded Scarf, £28 @Debenhams













Taylor Sherpa Teddy Hooded Scarf, £12 @boohoofashion















Bondage tights


Wolford Bongage Tights, £32 @Selfridges













Black Strap Around Bondage Tights, £6.99 @girlynightout





















Jarlo London Brown/ Black Sandra Cape, £87 Lottie’s Attik











Grey Check Cape, £18 @Nextofficial


















Sparkly Dress:


Lipsy VIP Scallop Beaded Dress, £120 @LipsyLondon














Sequin Shift Dress in Blue, £25 @Matalan
















All in one pyjamas:


Leopard Print All in One, £36 @Topshop

















Sorbet Jersey All in One, £19 @Verynetwork
















Winter Knits:


Stanley Jasmine Jumper, £65 @Cath_Kidston















H! by Henry Holland Grey Leopard Print Jumper, £40 @Debenhams
















Black Lace Dress:


Black Hi Neck Lace Dress, £75 @WallisFashion




















John Zack Lace Dress, £39.99 @Newlook















Faux Fur Coat:


ASOS Patchwork Faux Fur Coat, £95 @ASOS















Chocolate Faux Fur Jacket, £68 @Nextofficial