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The Best Tumblrs of 2014

13 Dec

The internet has been on top form this year, and it’s only fair to do a round up and give credit to the geniuses behind these timely, hilarious beauties. So put the cat away, make a cup of tea and have some LOLs with my top Tumblr picks of the year!

Museum of Selfies


A slightly more creative version of the over-saturated trend of the ‘selfie’ (that’s not completely self-indulgent) – why did nobody think of this earlier?

If Paintings Could Text


The title explains it all – giving paintings a (witty) voice, using the medium of texting.

House of Carbs


As a lover of puns (and food), I’m kicking myself that I didn’t come up with this one. Genius.

Will It Beard

will it beard

Inspired by the infamous Will It Blend, Will It Beard asks all the important beard-related questions in life such as: Straws – will it beard? (answer: yes, it will!)

Beyonce vs. Zombies


A clever mix of great illustrations of our Bey in different Zombie apocalypse situations with lyrics from her songs as captions. Great fun.

Source Code in TV and Film


Ever wondered what the code used in your favourite TV shows and films mean? And whether they’re completely made up or actually real? Someone has gone to the trouble to find out…

Love Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash

grandmaster flash

When you mix Grandparents and Facebook, hilarity ensues!

Drunk Furniture

drunk furniture

We’ve all been there – apparently so has the furniture.

The MTV EMAs 2014

13 Nov




I was lucky enough to be invited on an all-expenses-paid trip to Glasgow at the weekend, for the annual MTV Europe Music Awards. Scotland has been host to the EMA’s (now in it’s 20th year) only once before, and this year promised to be the best yet.

With performances from Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, U2 and Slash, MTV were set to make it an International affair, featuring not only the latest pop acts to top the charts, but also some of the most successful Rock icons of the 20th Century.

An event like this was worth getting up at an unsociable time on a Sunday morning – I was up and out of the door just after 5am. After a swift security check and a smooth flight (got to love domestic flights), we arrived in Glasgow around 10am and headed straight to our hotel to check in. It was then time to collect our wristbands and tickets (for the main event and the pre-party) and get ready.




The mail out to attendees stated that we would be standing on a raised platform close to the awards stage, so we should prepare to be on camera and dress to impress! My friend and I sensibly chose dresses that we’re both glamorous yet comfortable, and most importantly, weren’t completely weather inappropriate (it was around 4 degrees in Glasgow at the time).




At 5pm we were transported to the Glasgow Science Centre, where the official pre-party was taking place. Drinks and food were provided, and there were several photo booths (with props) to make the most of – which, of course, we did.






A short walk across the bridge and we were at the venue for the main event, the SSE Hydro – the Hydro is ranked in the top five busiest indoor entertainment arenas in the world alongside such iconic venues as Madison Square Garden in New York and The O2 in London.

Once inside – this was our view. We were in the VIP area right next to the awards stage, giving us prime location to spot and snap the host, Her Minajesty, and the other award presenters (including Jena Malone, David Hasselhoff and Jourdan Dunne).





We were given wristbands to wear and were told that they would be lighting up at some point during the event. As Enrique Iglesias appeared on stage, it all became clear that the audience were going to be part of his stage performance, and the venue lit up in thousands of colourful dancing lights – all changing colour in sync with each other, and in time with the music!




For those of you that missed the awards, here are the winners:

  • Best Video – Katy Perry ‘Dark Horse’
  • Best Female – Arianna Grande
  • Best Male – Justin Bieber
  • Best Pop – One Direction
  • Biggest Fans Award – One Direction
  • Best Look – Katy Perry
  • Global Icon Award – Ozzy Osbourne
  • Best Song – ‘Problem’ Arianna Grande
  • Best Rock – Linkin Park
  • Best Hip-Hop – Nicki Minaj
  • Best Worldwide Act – Zhou Bichang
  • Best Alternative – Thirty Seconds To Mars
  • Best New Act – 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Best Electronic – Calvin Harris
  • Best World Stage Performance – Enrique Iglesias
  • Best Song with a Message – ‘Pretty Hurts’ Beyonce


We were so excited to be given the chance to attend the EMAs and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Fingers crossed I get to go next year – after all it will be hosted in Italy. Milan, here I come!



Weekly Viral Vaccine 29-10

29 Oct

Everything this week is Halloween-themed, obviously! So let me show you some of the best spooky things on the web this week!


1) The Ultimate Halloween prank!


2) Oreo is winning at Halloween!


3) For those who like Michael Jackson – Thriller sung in 20 different styles


4) For those who REALLY like Michael Jackson – The making of Thriller


5) The Infected Rick – for The Walking Dead fans (that’s like, everyone, right?)


6) Zombie-proof bike – you can now be a bike snob and take out some undead hordes at the same time



7) Head in a jar – the perfect Halloween prank to scare the bejeezus out of your housemates



8) Cutest/ scariest Halloween costumes for your little ones


Weekly Viral Vaccine 22-10

22 Oct

Some more weird, wonderful and downright odd things from the internet this week!

1) Hilarious One Star Yelp Reviews of Gorgeous National Parks – there’s just no pleasing some people!

cave man

2) Introducing The Vending Machine Supermarket!


3) All of the Superhero movies coming out between now and 2020 – you’re welcome!


4) This cool music video brings some classic album covers to life

5) Hilarious translated TV show titles from around the world – my fave has to be ‘Crazy in the Area’!


6) Paralyzed artist learns to paint with her mouth – truly inspirational!

7) A ranking of 40 Halloween Candies from nastiest to raddest

Haloween kitkats

8) This woman has some incredible make up skills!

Weekly Viral Vaccine 15-10

15 Oct

After a week relaxing, snorkeling and tanning on the lovely islands of Malta, I’m back to bring you closer to some of the funny, entertaining and odd things on the web.


1) The Walking Dead pancakes (this is incredible!)


2) The 15 best closing songs in films – can’t forget this one…


3) Epic GoPro bridge ride (rather him than me!)


4) A Plant-Blood Veggie burger? Yep, you read me correctly!

plant blood veggie burger


5) Paintings from Plane windows – I simply love this, and am amazed that noone had thought about it before…

plane window

6) Baffling foreign versions of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune – the Polish one has to be the best!


7) Obama of the future found on the New York Subway



8) Space cats is well worth a follow on Twitter – just a couple of gleaming examples below as to why

space cats3

space cats2

space cats1


Weekly Viral Vaccine 19-09

19 Sep

From now on, I’m going to be doing these on a Friday. What better way to head into the weekend than with a smile on your face and an added element of curiosity about the weird and wonderful world of the internet?

1) the best example of how to brighten up your computer screen

comp screen

2) A designer updates the Starbucks logo with the nine types of customer they serve


3) If you aren’t following @CrapTaxidermy on Twitter yet, do it today (hours of fun)

crap taxidermy

4) Didn’t fancy wasting nine and a half hours on the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Have no fear, Mashable have explained the whole story in just two minutes:

5) For the wine luddites – how to pronounce 22 different types of wine:

6) A tiny hamster vs a Japanese competitive eater in a hotdog contest – who will win?

Twitter following Facebook following YouTube

9 Sep

It’s no coincidence that in the same week both Twitter and Facebook announce major new developments – this is the social world we live in now, people. Platforms, like people must continue to evolve (or pivot) in order to survive. Both platforms in question have announced they’re doing just that, and while one has been welcomed by social media users, the same can’t be said for the other.



Let’s start with Twitter, just a few days ago they let slip that their timeline feature will be changing in the coming months – instead of the current reverse chronological timeline (where users see content from people they follow equally) to an algorithmic timeline, mimicking Facebook and their strategy of delivering content to users that they (Facebook) think they (the users) want to see – based on their recent and most frequent interactions.

Twitter’s move towards ‘curating’ rather than simply showing tweets organically, is designed to show users content that they are more likely to interact with – this is great news for brands and advertisers, but not so much for Joe Bloggs who just wants to see tweets from (all of) the people he follows.

The recent development of showing ‘favourites’ in the timeline was just the beginning in a string of experiments to see what works the most effectively from a consumer point of view. With the news that 75% of Twitter users buy products online every month, it’s no surprise that Twitter are focusing on Twit-commerce and the link between user behaviour and consumerism.





On the other hand we have Facebook’s move to become more like YouTube – with the announcement of view counts to celebrate delivering 1 billion views per day.

Giving YouTube a run for it’s money, Facebook will be showing view counts on all publicly posted videos from individual users, pages and public figures. This transparency could ramp up advertising competition and finally force many advertisers to rethink their spend on TV in favour of Facebook advertising.

On top of that they will also be adding video suggestions to the end of videos, to keep people watching (much like YouTube). There is also a new option for video publishers to include a new ‘call to action’ link at end of a video, and will have access to more in-depth analytics detailing unique users and dwell-time.