The Walking Dead Returns: Season 5 and issue #100

29 Sep

**Spoiler alert – some potential spoilers below**

I’ve always been a huge fan of Zombies, and I never imagined when I picked up my first copy of The Walking Dead Graphic Novel 6 years ago, that it would become one of the biggest US TV genre shows around. The Graphic Novel truly is un-put-downable, and with a new volume being released every 6 months, we’re now on volume 21, and things are beginning to get very interesting indeed.


Fans of the Comic and the TV show will know just how different the show is to the original source material, which is one of the reasons I love it so much – not knowing where they will divert from the story or come back to it. You’ve got completely new characters, such as Daryl, who don’t appear in the Comic, then you have some major story developments (such as Rick’s missing hand) being given to other characters (Merle).

Watch the trailer for season 5 below.

From the trailer we see the folks at Terminus showing their true, seedy colours. The original group are tied up and look like they might be in trouble, and with the tag line for the series being ‘hunt or be hunted’, we may well see the introduction of the cannibalistic group the ‘Hunters’, that appear in the Comics.

For those of us that love the comics, there are some characters and jaw-dropping moments that we would love to see take place on the show. Two of my new favourite characters (just for being so polarised and equally enigmatic) Ezekiel and Negan, I really hope to make a dramatic entrance pretty early on in the series, to really make things go off with a bang. These are without a doubt two of the most interesting characters of the entire Comic series – natural sworn enemies, each with his own signature accessory (Ezekiel with his pet Tiger, Shiva and Negan with his weapon of choice Lucille, whom he treats more like a lover than an object).

Negan Ezekiel

Issue #100 is full of catastrophe, and I’m sure some of the stories will be woven into season 5. Without giving too much away, the main questions on people’s lips will be: Who will be at the mercy of Negan and Lucille? Will Carl lose an eye? (unlikely due to the special FX complications), and when will the cannibals appear and in what guise? (could they be the residents of Terminus?)

We’ve got less than two weeks to wait until Rick and the gang are back on our screens, so gather your melee weapons, sit back and get ready to enjoy the ride.

Tune in to The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere at 9pm on Monday 13th October on FOX (Now TV/ Sky)

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