Weekly Viral Vaccine 19-08

19 Aug

There’s something for everyone this week – from Doctor Who, to Disney Princesses and Bizarre Japanese Ads…


1. shark whisperer – not just for horses!

2. Ping Pong Cats – has to be seen to be believed

3. How good is your hearing? – warning – you may be severely disappointed with just how old your ears are!

4. The Tardis spotted on Google maps – and you can now go inside

Tardis on Google maps


5. The weirdest ad for Sushi you’re ever likely to see

6. What our subconscious sees –  Interesting article on how and what we see

7. Slam poet dazzles with story of obsessive compulsive love

8. How to take your own Man of Steel photo – Just when you thought this sort of thing had run out of steam…

9. Know your tongue – I’m so glad I do now, thanks Innocent!



10. If Disney Princesses had Instagram – I have a feeling there will be a lot more of these now…

11. Useful maps – to help you make sense of the world




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