Photography & Modelling: A Glimpse

14 Dec

I did a brief stint as a model a few years back (including competing in the Miss England competition), but more recently my appearances in front of the camera tend to be for my sister Courtney, who is a Wedding and Portrait photographer (you can visit her website here). She is also a keen fashion and newborn photographer, so if you’re looking to get a portfolio done in any capacity, please get in touch.

I keep most of my photos on Facebook, but I thought I’d share some of my favourites on here. All photos are by Courtney Louise Photography unless otherwise stated.

Enjoy, and as always, comments welcome 🙂

Romantic themed shoot

"A Distant Dream"

Mimobot ad campaign

Mimobot ad campaign

Mimobot ad campaign

Outdoor shoot for photography contest

Most recent novel cover, My Soul To Save

Taken in Summer 2007 after winning Miss Lincolnshire

A rare self portrait of the Photographer, Courtney Louise

'60s themed night shoot

One Response to “Photography & Modelling: A Glimpse”

  1. Shawky (@Shawky1969) July 26, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    Great photos, but the book cover one caught my attention, as my daughter was assigned to read 4 book over the summer, and she came in with that one and the rest of the books in that series.

    I should get you to sign it for her at frightfest! LOL!

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