Knights of Badassdom Trailer

24 Jul

Prepare thyself for the awesome new feature from IndieVest Pictures and FrightFest favourite Joe Lynch – Knights of Badassdom. We might not be getting this movie in time for FrightFest (August Bank Holiday weekend), but I bring give you the latest Comic-Con trailer to whet your appetite.

Starring the luscious Ryan Kwanten (Red Hill, True Blood), Steve Kahn (A Perfect Getaway, Sahara), Summer Glau (Firefly, Serenity) and Jimmi Simpson (Stay Alive, Zodiac), this horror/ fantasy/ adventure movie follows a group of friends on a LARPing (Live Action Role Play) weekend, including newcomer Joe (Kwanten) who decides to join in after being dumped by his girlfriend. They end up accidentally summoning a demon, using a book bought on Ebay, and must deal with the consequences.

Badassdom isn’t due for release until Spring 2012, so in the meantime feast your eyes on this trailer and fingers crossed Joe will bring an exclusive clip with him to FrightFest this year!

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