Money Saving: Soap & Glory 2-Minute Rinse

13 Jul

Did you know that showers use on average 9 Litres of water per minute*? Or that leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth can waste up to 6 Litres of water**? Well there is something simple we can all do to ensure we use and waste less water.

Top budget-friendly beauty product range Soap & Glory, have launched a brand new money saving and eco-friendly campaign titled The 2-Minute Rinse; They have worked out that we can save water, energy and money simply by spending a little less time in the shower each morning, having a more positive impact on the environment and our wallets.

So why not take up the challenge and get your friends and family to do the same. Soap & Glory have some fab prizes on offer for people who log their 2-Minute Rinse on the Facebook page, so what are you waiting for?

Save Water. Come Clean. Do the 2-Minute Rinse. Log your rinse and you could win some amazing prizes.



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